Our Charges

The summary is about Two Minute Read for your convenience. For details, please see the text under heading “Detailed Process and Charges”

How We Work-Summary (TWO MINUTES READ)

We train & manage workers even after their placement and stay in touch with you to minimize your worries from domestic staff. Our company follows the best possible business model; one as fruitful to you as possible, no matter how complex for us.

  • When you fill the “Form” on the website, we arrange interviews of potential candidates* (Please note, filling out of online form is very important. It might feel a hassle at the start, but this way we understand your requirements thoroughly, which enables us to find a right match for you. We do not accept worker’s hiring requests on our helpline!)
  • After the interview, you can have One Day long (paid) trial. After the trial period, upon your confirmation of hiring the worker, we start the thorough background verification of the worker (During the trial period, we keep worker’s original CNIC card as a security of our clients).
  • Workers though work at your place have a strong association with the company. You pay the company and the company pays salaries to the workers.
  • If WORKER RESIGNS after being hired, we provide you one replacement (For more details, please scroll down)
  • If you decide to dismiss the worker at any stage after hiring, we provide you one replacement (For more details, please scroll down)
  • We sign the legal agreement for a period of six months as our affiliation with the Punjab Labor Department. It is renewed after every six months (please note, terms and conditions apply)
  • Last and most important, if worker steals or is found indulged in some illegal activity, despite the thorough checks, company ACTS on your behalf and does a handful, including registering an F.I.R with due diligence.
  • We charge PKR 500 to arrange an interview with you (rest assured, we bring the best match with honesty according to the details you filled in, via our online form)
  • When you hire the worker, we charge equal to the salary of the worker as the Verification Fee

Detailed Process and Charges (5 MINUTES READ)

The Interview

  • Fee for a Physical Interview

We bring two best candidates to your place for an interview and trial – for Rs. 500/- When we bring the worker to your place, we need to spend on manpower, fuel and phone calls. If we do not charge the 500 rupees for an interview, we won’t be able to provide you the promised quality services because of the operational expenditures. Rest assured, we do our best to match the workers with your requirements placed through the online form-Integrity is our tagline!

Please note the local employment agencies charge around 2000 in the name of interviews and keep bringing wrong workers to make this amount higher.

The trial is one day long at max, and it will be a “paid” trial for the worker.


Fee for Our Services (The Verification Fee)

  • After you decide to hire the worker, we thoroughly verify worker’s background.

    What do we charge you for our services? We charge equal to the first salary of the worker and save you from household woes

  • Each month we collect the salary of the worker directly from you- We do not take any cuts from this salary you give to us. It’s for your security and convenience as we stay in touch with you and the worker both. The worker feels an association with the company, and the problems reduce to minimal because company has links with police station and keeps all the data provided by the worker and their relatives during the verification process.
  • More details on the Verification Process can be found here.

Please Note:

  • We promise only what we can deliver, no lies nothing hidden. If you do not agree with the above terms and conditions, we’re sorry we won’t be able to help you
  • Hiring workers from local agencies has been a hassle, and we have designed a process to minimize hassle once you hire the worker mental agony you go through when repeating this hiring from the private agencies repeatedly. A headache you go through when your worker runs away overnight or local employment agencies keep lying to you is immense!

Post Hiring Agreement Details

Dismissing the worker

  • In case YOU want to dismiss the worker once you hired after the trial period is over, we will give you a replacement against the same verification fee (the replacement is valid within 6 months from the date when the worker started the job).
  • In case you do not like the worker second time as well and dismiss again, we will restart the hiring process as per your requirements.

Termination of the contract

  • If due to any reason, you do not want the services of our company at any stage after hiring a worker, we’ll terminate the contract with immediate effect

Illegal Activity from the Worker

  • Despite all our thorough verification (please see the verification details here), if the worker is found guilty of any theft or stealing activity or any illegal activity, we will terminate the contract with the worker, will file an F.I.R at the local police station on your behalf. Please note, so far no criminal activity has been reported from any client who hired workers from us, because of the comprehensive system developed and social innovation introduced by our team in the old school labor market.
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Domestic Abuse by an employer

  • Our workers are very dear to us, we do the maximum for their safety. If a worker complains about any domestic abuse or illegal action carried out by the employer, we take the matter to the police station and back the worker utilizing all our connections, e.g. with the help of local human right organizations and the Labor Court of the Punjab Government. We have zero tolerance policy against any harassment or physical abuse. We request our clients to be gentle and kind to the workers because these are the qualities we expect from the educated elite we are serving in Pakistan.