Our Charges



  • Physical Interview

We bring two best candidates to your place for an interview and trial – for Rs. 500/- Please note we recommend taking a decision as soon as possible because we can not keep the worker on hold for long. The trial is one day long at max, and it will be a “paid” trial for the worker.


Verification Fee (One Time)

  • After you decide to hire the worker, we thoroughly verify his/her background.

    What do we charge you? we charge equal to the first salary of the worker (Given the security issues, we recommend you wait till the background is verified, and the worker will start working only after background verification)

  • Each month we collect salary of the worker directly from you- We do not take any cuts from this salary you give us, it’s for your security and convenience as we stay in touch with you and worker both and worker feels association with the company rather than with the employer, and the problems from workers reduce to minimal.
  • More detail on Verification Process can be found here.
  • Again, please note, for the interview with the every two workers, we’ll charge you Rs. 500 because it costs us fuel, phone calls and manpower to arrange an interview with you
  • Firing the worker
    • In case you want to fire the worker once you hired after the trial period is over, we will give you a replacement against the same verification fee.

      If due to any reason, you do not want to work with our company after you take the replacement, we’ll return you 50% of the Verification Fee taken at the time of hiring the worker. Local Agencies do not work that way, they keep lying to you and do not return this money

    • We promise only what we can deliver, no lies nothing hidden. If you do not agree with the above terms and conditions, we’re sorry we won’t be able to help you
    • Hiring workers from local agencies has been a hassle for us as well, that’s why we save you time reducing the hassle and mental agony you go through when hiring from private agencies, so please think carefully before you change your mind seeing the expenses, these are nothing compared to a headache you go through when your worker runs away overnight or local agencies keep lying to you!

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