Verification Fees


When you hire workers, we check backgrounds of workers thoroughly:

  • References – CNIC copy and Signature of two relatives
  • Reference of the Chaudhary of the village/slums where work belongs
  • Number of NGO/our Naukri (Job) agent who referred the worker

After the above information collected, we take the worker to a nearby police station to get verified by Police. (This step eliminates the possibility of workers with an immoral past.) We then register the worker with DHA/your society’s authorities.

This is a very tedious and expensive process not only in terms of phone calls and fuel but keeping in mind manpower too. Whatever the costs maybe, we do not compromise on your safety and the way we serve!

The verification fee is one time, for a period of 3 months. We charge equal to the salary of the worker. The worker will start working with you only after we verify their background, as, given the current security situation, we strongly recommend you wait till the background is verified and documentation is completed.

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